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Robyn's third and newest CD "Waterproof," produced by John Jennings (Mary-Chapin Carpenter) and featuring Christine Lavin, brings to life a fresh set of original songs for thinkers and dreamers. Reflecting at once a joyful and sober perspective on the world, it’s an expansive chronicle of life’s journeys...uplifting, activist, even spiritual, yet deeply personal. It's a compassionate embrace of the fragile and a paean to hope and resilience.


Robyn Landis CD "Many Moons" (2009)

Robyn's second CD (and first solo effort). The eagerly anticipated Many Moons, released May 2009, has beautiful and tasty guest appearances by Michael Lille, Mark Graham, Kat Eggleston, Larry Murante, Joe and Karena Prater (Cat Loves Crow), and Hans York; and features Paul Elliott on fiddle and Cary Black on bass. One of the most-played CDs on folk radio in 2009, reaching #16 on the Folk-DJ airplay chart in 2009 and #11 on the Washington Roots Radio airplay chart. With no special promotion or publicist, Many Moons caught the ear of more than 70 DJs, many of whom cited it as a beloved favorite. 

"Robyn Landis radiates excellence with every word, every note and every song. Many Moons is clearly one of the most exciting projects released by a singer/songwriter in North America this year--maybe even in the last few years and possibly for several more yet to come. This girl has what it takes--and then some!"

~ Dennis Brunnenmeyer, Nevada City Limits, KVMR Radio, CA


"I really love Many Moons...truly one of my favorite new releases I've received in the last many, many months. I have this system of marking songs on new CDs for future airplay and nearly the entire cd is marked as 'high priority'!  Really, just a lovely!  And I really love the flow of the record, an absolute treat to listen to from beginning to end."

~ Mark Michaelis, "Acoustic Harmony," WGDR Radio, VT


"It is good. It is very good. My gosh, it is really, really very good.  I listened, I listened again. I really enjoy your singing, the songs, the arrangements. The first cut on Many Moons drew me in, and I was pretty much compelled to not skip around, and that does not often happen to me these days. Great work!

~ Rik James, "Americana Backroads," KGLT-FM, Bozeman, MT

“It is always a joy to find artists, emerging ones or otherwise, that have a special gift that I was not previously aware are one of those.”

~ Craig Huegel, “Our Kind of Folk,” WSLR, Sarasota, FL


"Each time I hear a Robyn Landis song I feel a delicious surprise and I think, “Gosh, that’s a beautiful song. Gosh, what a beautiful voice.” ...Robyn was voted by listeners into two spots on the Top 20 this month, no. 5 and 11. "  

~ Kelley Martin, Acoustic Pie Radio, April 2010

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Short & Sweet CD "Love and Other Words" (2004)

The first CD by acoustic duo Short and Sweet. Contains five songs by Robyn, five songs of Steve Amsden's, and two co-writes. Also features stellar Northwest musicians Paul Elliott (fiddle), Cary Black (bass) and Dan Tyack (steel).

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